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Embassy Events 2009

The Omar Torrez Band in Tbilisi

April 4-10, 2009
The Omar Torrez Band in Tbilisi. Photo: State Dept

The Omar Torrez Band in Tbilisi.

The Omar Torrez Band played to overflow crowds in the Georgian cities of Gori, Telavi and Tbilisi the first week of April.  In Gori, the band preformed a benefit concert for an audience of close to 1,000, composed largely of internally displaced children from the August Russian-Georgian war in South Ossetia, with the Deputy Governor and DCM Kent Logsdon in attendance and broad local and national television coverage.  In Telavi, Torrez conducted a master class for young aspiring guitarists at a local Music College (High School for Young Musicians), and the band's performance was broadcast live on local television. 

In Tbilisi, Torrez conducted a afternoon master class / jam session with Conservatory students.  Ambassador John Tefft introduced the band at the final concert in Tbilisi which attracted a large audience of young people as well as important Embassy contacts.  Throughout, Torrez's band was opened by local Georgian singer-songwriter, Lado Burduli.  All performances received broad coverage on local and national television stations.  Band members said the concert in Gori was particularly meaningful for them, that there was a special energy in the hall, and that they were moved by easing the burden on so many war-affected children.