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2013 Embassy Events


U.S. Embassy Tbilisi is launching its “Summer in the States” series!  Over the next six weeks, we will highlight popular summer activities in the U.S. on FacebookCheck out the schedule below to see the themes we will cover.  Stay tuned for more information about contests, quizzes, and activities at your local American Corner.

Summer in the U.S.

  • Photo: State Dept
    Week 1 (June 24 – 28): Vacations

    This week, we'll highlight popular vacation places in US. Every summer, Americans depart for vacations in all corners of country. While many families like getting out into nature, others prefer visiting a big city or theme park. Geographic and cultural diversity of the US means there are a wide-range of summertime activities. 

  •  “Peace Corps Volunteer Suzanne Ladek gives a presentation at American Corner Batumi’s Fourth of July celebration.”
    Week 2 (July 1 – 5): Independence Day

    The United States celebrates its Independence Day on July 4th, a day of patriotic activities and family events that commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This week, we will highlight Fourth of July traditions and explore how Americans celebrate the holiday. How much do you know about American Independence Day? Take the Fourth of July Quiz to find out. 

  • James Wheeler, a volunteer in the Real Men Read program, reads with first grader Paul Chatys at Hickory Bend Elementary School in Glenwood, Illinois.AP Images
    Week 3 (July 8 – 12): Volunteerism

    Americans volunteer their time and resources to help those in need in their communities. Some Americans even volunteer for a year or more in the U.S. and abroad through programs such as Peace Corps and AmeriCorps. Contact your local American Corner to find out how you can get involved in a volunteer project in your own community. 

  • Visitors at the Bite of Oregon summer festival. Photo: AP Images
    Week 4 (July 15 – 19): Summer Festivals

    Summer festivals are fun and engaging way to get to know different regions of US. Festivals show best that cities have to offer, including food, music and art. Bite of Oregon is a celebration of the state’s food, people, and quality of life, featuring app. 120 local menu items, wines from some 25 Oregon vineyards, and 30 area craft beers. 

  • Photo: Screenshot IIP Digital
    Week 5 (July 16 – 22): Barbecue

    BBQ is one of the most well-known and delicious types of American food. This week, we will highlight different varieties of BBQ throughout the U.S., classic recipes, and outdoor games played at summer BBQs. Want to know more? Check out this video about a BBQ competition in California. 

  • American Camp Association logo
    Week 6 (July 29 – August 2): Summer Camps

    Every year,millions of youth in the U.S. attend summer camps. With thousands of camps to choose from, parents and children are never short of options. Some camps are general outdoor camps and others have a specific focus, such as performing arts, sports, or science. Each day this week, we will highlight different types of summer camps in the U.S. and their unique activities and traditions.  Visit the ACA to learn more »

Fourth of July Quiz

  • The National Anthem of the United States is:
    • Stars and Stripes Forever
    • Yankee Doodle Dandy
    • The Star-Spangled Banner
  • How many states are there in the United States?
    • 50
    • 51
    • 52
  • Who was the first president of the United States?
    • George Washington
    • B. Benjamin Franklin
    • A. Thomas Jefferson
  • What is the official symbol of the United States?
    • The bald eagle
    • The cowboy
    • The turkey
  • Who was called the "Father of the U.S. Constitution"?
    • Thomas Jefferson
    • James Madison
    • George Washington