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Embassy News 2014

CDA Brink Gives Opening Remarks at 3rd Annual Women in Policing Conference (March 4)

CDA Brink with attendees of the 3rd Annual Women in Policing Conference. Photo: State Dept

CDA Brink with attendees of the 3rd Annual Women in Policing Conference. Photo: State Dept

On March 4, Charge d’Affaires Bridget Brink and Minister of Internal Affairs Alexandre Tchikaidze opened the Women in Policing Conference.   The U.S. Government is honored to have formed a strong partnership with the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs in law enforcement training and capacity building, and to have worked on this conference with the Ministry and with the International Organization for Migration in the training and professional development of women police officers.  About 180 female police officers from Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, and Tajikistan are participating in the conference.  Women play a critical role in Georgia’s and the region’s peace, safety, and security.  Several highly experienced and successful law enforcement officers (most of them women) from the United States will address the women police officers on professional development, leadership issues, and practical law enforcement matters. 

The U.S. Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) assists the Government of Georgia and other countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia to strengthen the rule of law through practical skills training for law enforcement officers, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges.  INL’s efforts in Georgia also focus on improving local capacity to fight transnational crime, including human and narcotics trafficking, and advancing implementation of criminal procedure reforms to create a justice system that meets international standards, enhances regional stability and security, and helps support Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration.

Chargé d’Affaires Bridget Brink’s remarks to the media at the third annual Women in Policing Conference

Hello everyone, I am really delighted to be here today as part of the third annual Women in Policing Conference. This conference, which is collaboration between the U.S. Government, the Georgian Government, specifically the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the International Organization for Migration, brings together 180 female police officers from Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Caucasus.  We are delighted to bring them here today to meet up with experts from America and other places to help their professional development in police forces across these regions. 

Question about the situation in Ukraine?

As many of you know, my Secretary of State Kerry is in Kyiv today to talk to various people from the government, civil society, and other parts of the non-government sector.  President Obama has been very clear, my entire government and leadership has been working on this issue very intensively for the last few days.  As President Obama said, we condemn Russia’s actions of moving into Ukrainian territory and violating Ukraine’s territorial integrity.  We urge Russia to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity to allow for international monitors to come and assess the situation in an objective way, and to start a dialogue with the government of Ukraine.  We will continue to intensively work this issue.  As many of you know, Prime Minister Garibashvili and other members of the Georgian Government were in Washington last week and, in fact, met with President Obama, Vise President Biden, and Secretary Kerry.  We will continue to support Georgia, as well as other countries in the neighborhood,  in addition to Ukraine.